The Museum accepts endowments, donations of exhibits and collections that may be displayed in its exhibition spaces. The donation will be safeguarded and the granter’s name will accompany his offer at all times.


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In the enchanting world of minerals that were created in the underground laboratories of nature within the centuries, we have the opportunity to admire, envision and create. Minerals of copper, sulfur, iron and compositions of numerous elements, offer with their gleam, their colors, their luster, their uniqueness and their brilliance, the joy of collection, they promote the scientific research, study and knowledge. Their use and processing are so old as the human civilization. They were used as jewels, amulets, seals, as means of transactions and occultism, as figurines, but also as distinguished pieces in known or unknown historical collections. They faithfully accompanied the eventful evolution of the human race and they have been proved to be an admirable background in its artistic expression. Here we see minerals, from the Hellenic and the international region, such as: azurites, malachites, vanadinites, quartzs, e.t.c and minerals mainly from the region of Lavrion, a region internationally known as a geological phenomenon.